The added value

We save you work and time by collecting and cleansing datasets for you, so you don't have to.

See how to get data with one click, in this short video.

Data access instructions

Sign up, login and download with one click.

If there is data you need and can not find it, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do try the search first, however. We have stuff.

Technical information


Data is accompanied by column level metadata, describing data for you even before you loaded a row of it. To save you time. Again.

Our data quality promise

All data we deliver has gone through (automatic) data quality checks, ask us for more details.

If there is a handy official or de-facto standard, we use it to make data usable for you, for example:

  • dates and times are according to ISO date standard
  • Geographic information is offered as GeoJson among other common formats
  • Text is UTF-8 (without BOM) thus supporting a wide variety of languages
  • Very large or small numbers are presented using scientific notation, supported by all contemporary data analytics tools.

Enterprise customers only

In addition to one-click download, datasets are delivered in several other formats:

  • Data downloadable from preferred cloud storages, (Azure, Google, AWS supported) with a scheduled push-delivery
  • Access to data over JDBC, ODBC.
  • Load to Excel with direct search to our data asset.

Enterprise users have additional tools, such as Excel, R and Python plugins for data.


This service is currently in BETA, so some glitches do exist and are being fixed.